Clone Purchasing

HDR Farms offers a wide range of cannabis cultivation services. Whether you are growing 1 acre or 100, we can get you started.

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Tolling/Processing  Services

Our state-of-the-art, soon to be GMP certified facilities are fully equipped to manufacture and process a full range of ready-to-market CBD products. We offer only the best premium quality CBD products for people and pets. If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it.

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Let us help you market and develop your dream product. HDR Farms has the infrastructure and vision to make this easy with a partner dedicated to your success.

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What is HDR Farms?

HDR Farms Inc is a Central Kentucky cannabis agricultural, processing, and cloning operation specific to CBD derived from Industrial Hemp.

Our mantra of Honor Dignity and Respect is a public declaration of our focus to treat all employees, customers, and affiliates to the best of our abilities.